The Welsh Hawking Club was founded in South Wales in 1962 by a handful of Welsh sportsmen under the guidance of a Hungarian falconer of international fame, Lorant de Bastyai who became our first President. 

The W.H.C. was invited to attend the International field meetings of the Osterreichischer Falknerbund (Austria) and the Deutscher Falkenorden (Germany).  As the Club became internationally known, more invitations soon followed.  Members often returned with Goshawks on their fists, which were gifts from new friends made at the meetings.  It is now the second largest club in the Country with a membership in excess of 350.

We hold monthly meetings in South Wales, North Wales, and Essex.  At these meetings you can usually hear a speaker on a variety of sporting topics.  You can also buy falconry furniture as reduced rates, buy food for your falcon, consume your favourite beverage and socialise with other members, reliving recent flights as fishermen do about “the one that got away”.

The Club has a breeding project that is slowly expanding from which members may purchase hawks at half their market value.  Membership also brings the best magazine from any club bar none, “The Austringer” magazine each year, helps to keep members up to date with what’s happening in the falconry world and particularly the Club. 

We are members of The Hawk Board, and the I.A.F. (International Association of Falconry).

The Welsh Hawking Club has a reputation as a friendly club with a large number of practicing falconers in its ranks. It is a forward-looking Club having a superb website which is now being used by the Campaign for Falconry and other organisations.  Take a look for yourself: —

If you are interested in joining or learning more contact our Secretary, David Barber.